Time And Attendance


Entry and Exit Monitoring - Time and Attendance.

Time and attendance

Equipment Options


CR1-DS-MS - Configurable Outputs.

External Aerials

SSS-01 - Stainless steel stanchion.

GS-01 - Customised aerial. (not illustrated)

Loop - Installer Configurable. (not illustrated)


TC1, TC2, TC4, TC6 - Personnel Tag.

Note, tag must be present on each personnel.

Equipment Features

  • Highest Probability of Tag Identification.
  • Direction Sensing.
  • 2x External Pairs of Loop Aerials.
  • Non-contact reading up to 3 metres.
  • 12-27V @ 400mA operation.
  • Dual Serial & Wiegand or Serial & Clock/ Data outputs available.


SSS-01 Reading Range up to 2 metres.
GS-01 Customised aerial (not illustrated)
Loop  Installer Configurable (not illustrated)


TC1 - Personnel Tag.
TC2 - Article Tag (non-metallic)
TC4 - Keyfob Tag.
TC6 - Personnel Tag with photo ID.