PTT2 (In Line)


  • Monitors Reader Detection Zone Integrity
  • Scrambled RF Communication
  • Monitors Reading Range
  • Relay Contact to Indicate Fault Conditions
  • Maintenance free


The PTT2 "In Line" Performance Test Tag should be specified in safety critical installations where the continued operation of the reader must to be monitored. Once adjusted the unit provides continual feedback on the status of the reader antenna being monitored. Any reduction in reading range, or probability of detection, is flagged by the internal relay changing state and the LED indicators on the front of the unit. The unit is designed to operate with all Census loop aerial units. The CRx reader can address several aerials, each of which must have a PTT2 to monitor each detection field.

The reader firmware checks that each test tag/aerial combination is functioning correctly. If either the test tag or the reader is compromised, an alarm relay will operate. The reader can also generate an alarm report via the Wiegand or RS232 output port. The PTT2 test tag can be used with all CRx type readers such as the CR1-DS-MS which have multiple aerial loops. The PTT2 cannot be used with the CR1-DS1 split transmitter and receiver version. This unit must be monitored using PTT1 units..


Specification PTT2 Details
Power requirements 5 - 12V, 100mA
Dimensions 117 x 85 x 35mm
Weight 150g
Temperature range -20 to +60°C (non condensing)
Housing White ABS with polycarbonate label
LED function RED - PTT2 Power
AMBER - PTT2 Failed
GREEN - PTT2 Scanning
Relay function NO - PTT2 Scanning
NC - PTT2 Failed


The product is suitable for numerous applications, these include but are not limited to:

  • Monitors the performance of a Hands Free Reader
  • Key Security in Prisons
  • Security Institutions
  • Safety Tracking Applications.

Ordering Information

  • Ordered as PTT2 (PTT2A - USA system). 
  • The PTT2 must be ordered with this code at the same time as the reader. Upgrade to existing CRx reader(s) will require new reader firmware to be supplied.

Technical Details

Download the 1st manual for PTT2 (In Line).

Download the datasheet for PTT2 (In Line).