• Noise and Interference Diagnostics
  • Transmission Range Investigation
  • Power Setting for Adjustable Range
  • Tag Detection Range Optimisation
  • Site Investigation.


The MS1 site survey equipment comprises two tuned receivers each of which are selected by separate push buttons. The two frequencies are that of the reader to the tag transmission (132KHz) and tag to reader transmission (66KHz).

It is designed to be directional and has LED outputs which indicate input signal strength.

Suitable use (as described in the manual) of the relevant button will enable the extent of the reader transmission field to be investigated as well as the location of interfering noise sources.


Specification Details
Power requirements PP3 battery (supplied)
Dimensions 102 x 63 x 25mm
Weight 100g
Temperature range -20 to +60°C (non condensing)
Colour/Housing White ABS case





Ordering Information

Technical Details

Download the 1st manual for MS1.

Download the datasheet for MS1.